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Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion - The Mission

The professor has finished his life's work: a stargate. All he wanted was a better life for humanity. But something terrible and unexpected happened ... and now the only question is: will humanity ever have a future? ... It's up to you!
Throughout his life, the professor worked on a secret project that nobody knew except his little son, Albert, who lives with him. He had a grand plan: to end once and for all the lonely, secluded life of humanity in the universe, opening the door to new worlds, new galaxies, new technologies. The Stargate, his great invention, was to open a wormhole for worlds inhabited by peaceful, benevolent aliens who have the technology to heal all known diseases that humanity has long struggled against. 

But something went wrong! 

Evil aliens have learned of the Stargate and are on the way to Earth. 

These have only one goal in mind: to conquer the planet and to enslave or kill everything that lives on it. 

The stargate MUST be closed immediately! 

Are you able to do that? Can you save the future of humanity?

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