Realm of senses

The Mission:

Do you know the Book of Eternal Secrets? No?

It is invaluable and has been kept here for centuries in the realm of the senses. No one knew where it was guarded – until, yes, until it was betrayed and stolen. On the run, the thief hid it again and fled. Only where? We are looking for the right team to find the book and bring it to safety in its original place. It must not fall into the wrong hands! Are you ready to search? But you only have one hour before the thief returns with his companions and kills you.

Attention: This room requires a certain physical agility. The room is not suitable for people who have difficulty getting close to the ground or climbing large steps.

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Realm of senses for special occasions:

Children’s birthday

Very much fun and good humor are guaranteed with us for this special day! And that in any weather!

Make your children a huge joy and let them experience a real adventure together with their friends. A birthday that will be remembered!

Teambuilding Event

Our Escape Games are designed in such a way that the challenges can only be mastered together. This promotes communication and requires teamwork. Only if you become a “team player”, you can solve the puzzles and master the challenges we give you.

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Amaze your friends with an incredible experience.

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You still have questions about the Realm of senses adventure?

How long does the Escape Game at hunt4hint take and when do I have to be at the location?

Our Escape Games are designed for a total duration of 60 minutes. Before the games starts, the games master will give you an instruction, which takes around 15 minutes. Therefore, please be on time. In total, you should plan 80 minutes for your visit.

Do I have to play with a stranger if I book an Escape Game?

Of course you don’t have to play with a stranger. You only play with your own group.

What is the best way to get to the Escape Room at Rotkreuzplatz, Munich?

The Escape Room at Rotkreuzplatz in Munich is easy to reach by public transportation or by car.

  • By bus: Lines 53, 62, 63, N43 and N44
  • By subway: Lines U1, U2 and U7
  • By tram line 12 to Rotkreuzplatz

By car you can park in the Wendl-Dietrich Straße, Gudrunstraße, Andreestraße, Pötschnerstraße, Schluderstraße and Nibelungenstraße – these streets are within walking distance. In addition, we have two parking spaces in the underground garage of the building. The underground parking garage dates back to the 60s and is accordingly narrow, so it is only suitable for small cars or requires good parking skills. Give us a call if you want to park there. Please be there early, because the search for a parking space can take some time.

At the location, we ask you to wait in front of the entrance (between the Oceans and the Mini Bar)! From there, please call us under the number +49 89 20060356. We will pick you up as soon as “the coast is clear”. This allows us to serve all groups separately.