The mission:

We are in 1907. Exactly 100 years ago, the warship H.M.S. Blenheim started its journey to the Cape of Good Hope – but it never arrived. It was last seen on 18th February 1807. It was believed to have been lost for 100 years. Until today! After we had received a message in a bottle we were able to localize the ship. According to our knowledge there is a huge treasure chest inside the ship! We now need a team which is clever enough to bring the treasure back ashore. Are you able to find the treasure? Are you the best team?

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Message in a Bottle for special occasions:

Children’s birthday

Very much fun and good humor are guaranteed with us for this special day! And that in any weather!

Make your children a huge joy and let them experience a real adventure together with their friends. A birthday that will be remembered!

Teambuilding Event

Our Escape Games are designed in such a way that the challenges can only be mastered together. This promotes communication and requires teamwork. Only if you become a “team player”, you can solve the puzzles and master the challenges we give you.

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Amaze your friends with an incredible experience.

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You still have questions about the Message in a Bottle adventure?

How long does an Escape Game at hunt4hint last?

All our Escape Games are designed for a total duration of 60 minutes. Please plan ca 80 minutes for your adventure because the game master will give you instructions before the game.

You can only book for 6 players online. Is it possible to play with 7 players?

Yes, that’s possible. The missions Massage in a Bottle and Alien Invasion can be played by up to 8 players each. Please have in mind that you could finish the mission early then because the rooms were built for 6 players. The additional price for the 7th person is the same as for one person in a game of 6 players.

Can I add a person after the booking is complete?

Yes, you can add players after you have completed your booking. However, please have in mind that the Escape Games are designed for a maximum number of people per room and therefore this limit should not be exceeded. You do not have to register the additional person. Just stop by and we will change it before the game. Please pay the additional price in cash.