School excursion to hunt4hint

An adventure for the whole class? Of course!

This extraordinary excursion is a unique experience for everyone that promotes class cohesion, teamwork, logical thinking, as well as creativity and other extremely valuable skills. Together in smaller teams, several missions are experienced in parallel. The children can choose their favorite theme.

Which adventures await you?

Missions at hunt4hint - Escape game Munich
Message in a bottle

A sailing ship alone in the ocean… believed to have been lost for 100 years. A message in a bottle washed ashore… A mysterious message… A secret… Are you ready to board the ship?

From 8 years

Alien invasion

The professor has finished his life's work: a stargate. All he wanted was a better life for humanity. But something terrible and unexpected happened ... and now the only question is: will humanity ever have a future? ... It's up to you!

From 8 years

Realm of senses

The book of secrets was discovered by thieves and almost kidnapped from the realm of the senses. On the run, they had to hide it to avoid being picked up. There is little time left before the thieves return. Can you find it and bring it to safety?

From 12 years

Easter Special:

Book two game rounds in a row for the period 09.04 - 24.04 and get 10% discount on the second game round!

The discount will be deducted directly on site when paying in our store. Online payments can not be discounted afterwards.

Offer still valid for:
Offer still valid for:
Easter egg search:

We offer exclusively for the period 09.04 - 24.04 an exciting Easter egg hunt! But do not forget to finish the room 🙂

We hide for you in the room 12 chocolate eggs, which you can find and eat after the game. During the booking you can simply select this special event.


1 Room

Player count23456
Price per person40€35€31€28€26€
Total price80€105€124€140€156€

2 Rooms

Player count456789101112
Price per person40€37€35€32,71€31€29,33€28€26,90€26€
Total price160€185€210€229€248€264€280€296€312€

3 Rooms

Player count6789101112131415161718
Price per person40€37,86€36,25€35€33,40€32,10€31€29,85€28,86€28€27,25€26,59€26€
Total price240€265€290€315€334€353€372€388€404€420€436€452€468€

Notes for teachers

  • When groups of children (under 18s) play, an accompanying adult is always required as a supervisor on the adventure.
  • We do not lock anyone in! All team members can leave the missions through the door at any time! In our adventures, unlike many classic escape games, the goal is not to escape from the room – there is always a much more important mission to complete, such as finding the long-forgotten treasure, or saving the world from the arrival of the aliens.
  • Give the children time and space to look for things and discover clues. If you already know the solution, don’t tell them right away, allow the children the great feeling of having done it themselves.
  • Let the children do things for themselves. Even if it sometimes doesn’t go as quickly when it comes to skill-based tasks, be patient. Children can usually do it on their own.
  • Guide them in the right direction with little hints if they get stuck.
  • If you get stuck, let the children ask the game master …


Request your school trip in Munich at the Escape Room now. You are also welcome to visit us outside of our regular opening hours (e.g. in the morning). Please write your desired date and time in your message and we will see how we can best accommodate you:

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