Journey Into The Unknown

The mission:

Discover unknown worlds!

By pure chance, you found the mysterious diary of one of your deceased ancestors. Your ancestor was a geology professor and loved to travel the world. During his lifetime, he was well known for the most fascinating discoveries of that time. His last discovery, however, is still a secret, as some pages of the diary are missing. You and your team decide to follow his tracks to reveal the secret. But be careful, maybe you will discover more than humanity is prepared to see!

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Journey Into The Unknown for special occasions:

Children’s birthday

Very much fun and good humor are guaranteed with us for this special day! And that in any weather!

Make your children a huge joy and let them experience a real adventure together with their friends. A birthday that will be remembered!

Teambuilding Event

Our Escape Games are designed in such a way that the challenges can only be mastered together. This promotes communication and requires teamwork. Only if you become a “team player”, you can solve the puzzles and master the challenges we give you.

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Amaze your friends with an incredible experience.

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You still have questions about the Journey Into The Unknown adventure?

We always develop our adventures for 6 people and then we are sure that we can guarantee 1 hour of fun and adventure. If you want to play with more people (maximum 8) you might finish faster.

IMPORTANT: The extra charge for 7 & 8 participants is 28€ per person and has to be paid on the spot!

Yes, as long as the maximum number of players per room is not exceeded. Please bring enough cash for this. You do not need to pre-register the extra person by phone or via email.