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Do you always stay on course, even when things get tough?
Do you want to know what kept this lock hidden behind?
You crack every code and that in a jiffy?
Come over and prove it! The clock is already ticking!


Message in the Bottle

A sailing ship alone in the ocean… believed to have been lost for 100 years. A message in a bottle washed ashore… A mysterious message… A secret… Are you ready to board the ship?

Alien Invasion

The professor has finished his life's work: a stargate. All he wanted was a better life for humanity. But something terrible and unexpected happened ... and now the only question is: will humanity ever have a future? ... It's up to you!

Realm of Senses

The book of secrets was discovered by thieves and almost kidnapped from the realm of the senses. On the run, they had to hide it to avoid being picked up. There is little time left before the thieves return. Can you find it and bring it to safety?

Discover where it all began…

Imagine that you are trapped in a mysterious place and you must find the way out. The clock is ticking, tension is rising… something tells you that ’this shouldn’t be so difficult’… but still, you are challenged again and again. You suddenly discover how creative you can be and how much it helps to cooperate with the others, and forget about the outside world for an hour – all there is now is the TASK, the ’HERE AND NOW’…

This feeling is what Hungarian-American Csíkszentmihályi called the ’flow’: a state of mind where you are fully immersed in what you do, not even noticing how much time has passed. While cooking, reading, dancing, fixing a car, or doing basically ANYTHING you love and which also feels challenging; and this is exactly what happens while you’re playing a game.

The history of playing is as old as the history of mankind; but where and when has this whole escape game craze started? While there are a number of theories, they all agree that live versions originate from computer games. The first game where the player was trapped in a room and had to escape was John Wilson’s 1988 text adventure: Behind Closed Doors. The term ’escape the room’ came from Mystery of Time and Space, an online adventure game created in 2001 by Jan Albartus. In 2007, REAL ESCAPE GAME was created in Japan, the first attempt to imitate the world of video games in a live setting.

In 2011, a sociology student in Budapest, Hungary, came up with the same idea while playing an escape-the-room video game. Fascinated by the theory of flow, he combined the live video game concept with his knowledge in professional team-building. The first European escape game, ParaPark opened soon, followed by many more all over Budapest and Hungary. The craze soon spread all over Europe, arriving of course in Germany and München, too. Today, escape games can be found all over the world, offering challenging, quality game-time for everyone. (The following terms are all in use and refer to the same thing: ‘exit room’, ‘escape room’, ‘exit the room’, ‘escape the room’, ‘exit game’, ‘escape game’.)

While failing is sometimes half the fun, if you want a head start, keep in mind the following:

- Try out all of your ideas. Sometimes the solution will be where you least expect it, sometimes it will be ‘hidden in plain sight’.
- Search everywhere: look behind, under, go back and forward between rooms and spaces.
- Communicate, communicate, communicate: cooperation is key, so share your findings with the team.
- Ask for help if you need it: it is one of the key qualities for success in any field.
- Don’t think too hard – make sure you enjoy the game. :o)

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Wendl-Dietrich-Straße 11, 80634 München, Entrance via Gudrunstraße

You reach our location the easiest way via the MVV network by bus (lines 53, 62, 63, N43, N44), the subway (lines U1, U2, U7), or tram line 12 to Rotkreuzplatz Alternatively, you can take the bus to Winthirstraße (line 62, N44) and then take a 2-minute walk. If you prefer to travel by S-Bahn, you will reach the Hirschgarten (lines S1, S2, S3, S4, S6, S8) and then take a 20-minutes walk.

By car you can park at Wendl-Dietrich Straße, Gudrunstraße, Andreestraße and Pötschnerstraße, Schluderstraße, Nibelungenstraße - almost around the block within walking distance. Here is always a parking space! If you can not find a parking space, we have a parking space in the garage if necessary!

What our clients say about us


How long does a mission take? When should we be there?

You have 60 minutes for your mission. Please be on time so you have enough time for your mission!

How do I best come to you? Do you have parking?

See our location.

For whom is the game suitable? Do we need special skills or powers?

The missions are suitable for anyone who likes to be active and would rather think for themselves than watching others. It requires no special powers or abilities.

Is special clothing required?

Yes - you have to feel comfortable in it & trust in the street!
Whoever comes to the game in matching clothes & stands for a photo with this model gets a discount!

Can we eat and drink at your place or near you?

During the game, you will not have time to eat or enjoy, not even think about it ;-)
Before and after the game you can feast and celebrate extensively in the immediate vicinity.

Can hunt4hint help me find the team?

Absolutely! Only together you can do it! Our tasks have been deliberately developed for teambuilding. Get to know yourself and your best sides and take the developed spirit into your life. We are happy to support your team finding with our professional analysis, supported by one of our specialists in team design in business. On request, we can use a recording of the gameplay for analysis. The recordings will be destroyed afterwards. Records can not be published. We offer this form of team building in seminar form. It is classified as a further education for tax purposes.

Do I need special language skills?

You can experience your missions in German as well as in English.

Do I have to play with strangers when I have booked an escape game?

Everyone plays in the group he has booked with.
If you can not find any partners in your environment, please let us know via the contact form. We support you in finding a partner!

Do you offer a care for the loved ones who can not play?

Not all of our game leaders are fit to handle babies or animals. Please clarify this in advance with us by phone.

Are we being recorded on video?

You will be watching the entire game via a monitor from one of our experienced game masters. which is available to you at any time for your questions. A recording does not take place.

You want to do something special or experience?

Bachelor party, marriage proposal, surprise, birthday party, teambuilding, hen party or just out of everyday life? Then you are exactly right with us!

Are there age restrictions?

Not in principle. You can not be too young or too old. It only takes a conscience game drive, a good dose of curiosity and the maturity of an hour without a cell phone to get along. Our experiences have shown that from pubescent teen to mature semester everyone had their fun with us!

How many players should be part of our team? How big should our team be?

Minimum is 2 people, maximum 6. Usually it is easier to solve the puzzles with more players because each team member can bring in their own strengths.

Can we book at short notice, outside opening hours or without booking?

We also try to find a game master for you at short notice - just book your dream mission online. Without booking and outside business hours, we recommend a call.

What happens if we do not solve all the puzzles in 60 minutes?

Nothing happens - everyone is allowed to go home at the end.
You can, in principle, contest your mission in two ways. You have the choice between two modes before the game starts:
Mode 1: "We definitely want to do it" - then you will be assisted by the game master as much as possible to make it, or
Mode 2: "We want to do it ourselves" - then you have to actively ask for help, if you do not think you can go on alone.
If you still can not do it, you can finish the mission at a later date for a reduced price.

Do you really include us in a room? What about claustrophobia? Can I get out of the room at any time?

Do not worry - we really do not include anyone. You can leave the room at any time by yourself if you wish. But keep in mind that "leaving the room" jeopardizes the mood of the mission ...

Are all missions the same or are there different missions?

No - no mission is like the other! Each room we offer for booking includes a unique mission!

What does hunt4hint stand for? What is an Escape Game / Escape Room?

Literally it stands for the hunt for clues. You can find more about history and history under "History of the Game".

Can I buy and redeem vouchers with you?

Yes, you can buy vouchers online or locally. You can redeem them online when booking. You have to play offline as soon as you can set it up :-) But do not panic - your voucher will remain valid until redemption.

Can I change the number of people later? Do I have to pay the old price?

Of course you can change the number of team members with us afterwards. To give the game manager on the ground simply and that's it. The total price is always calculated based on the number of participants!

What do I have to consider when canceling, canceling?

You can cancel or cancel your mission free of charge up to 48 hours before the start.

How and when can I pay?

Online when booking via Paypal or offline (on site) at the Spielleiter.

How do I know that my reservation was successful?

After the reservation you will receive a confirmation by e-mail, in which you will find the reserved mission and the chosen time. In the reservation table on our website your date will be crossed out. If you have not received a confirmation email - please check the spam / junk folder of your email account first. If you still have not received a confirmation email from us within one hour after booking, please contact us using the contact form.

How much is an adventure?

Price per player at:
2 team members - 37 € p.P.
3 team members - 34 € p.P.
4 team members - 31 € p.P.
5 team members - 28 € p.P.
6 team members - 25 € p.P.

How can I book a mission?

You can simply select space and time here on the page and you have the opportunity to fulfill an exciting and exciting mission.

Do you have toilets?

Yes, we have a toilet.

Your question was not answered?

No problem, use our contact form and send us your question (s). We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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