Halloween in the Escape Room: Pleasant Shivers?

October is spooky month. Time to dress up in black – and carve pumpkins so that the fake blood splatters – right? Somehow you don’t feel like going to one of the countless Halloween parties this time. And it’s wet and cold at the Munich cemetery. Then come and join us in the Halloween Escape Room …

Fancy some tricky missions with goosebumps?

The only thing that will make you shiver here will be your goosebumps. It’s better if you don’t come alone, but bring your friends along. At hunt4hint, you’ll be part of your own horror story while the kids are ringing their fingers to the door. Because you’re not at home, but in the Escape Room Munich. Violent scenario? No, thank you.

Pleasant shivers? Yes, please – suspenseful and atmospheric, so you can have a lot of fun. But anyone can do stupid numerical codes. hunt4hint knows you want more! More than a dull code search, but tricky missions. Halloween in the Escape Room Munich takes you to another world, another time – and makes you forget who you are

Dare you! Halloween in the Escape Room

So, now the game master leaves you to your fate. But not only time, but also your own mental blocks are working against you. It’s pitch black on the deck of the sailing ship, you’re all alone, the wind whispers … ready to board? To meet aliens and zombies in space? To leaf through dusty diaries or explore the realm of the senses? The atmosphere is dark, you can smell the crypt, the gloomy dungeon. Be brave: together you can conquer fear.

No one gets out of here alive, unless …

Granted, there are dark places in this world. Places you’d better avoid. Candlelight flickers, black shadows on the wall, this room, this house of cursed souls is haunted. How did I get in here? Away, out, but how to escape with my life? This house won’t let you out of its clutches.

Why celebrate Halloween in an Escape Room?

Why celebrate Halloween? Children only need three reasons: I get to dress up in costumes, go out with friends – and there’s lots of free candy. It’s the same for you. Only you get to stay up afterwards: There are plenty of places near hunt4hint to drink to and eat out!

Halloween in the hunt4hint Escape Room Munich will make your

    • the blood run cold in your veins

    • leave the combination locks to the left

    • experience haptic puzzles with all your senses

    • be clever, strong & brave as a team

    • lift the veil of frightening mysteries

Give away little goosebumps?

Again! Instead of getting the tenth IKEA voucher, this time you can give away a bit of goosebumps. Halloween in the Escape Room Munich surprises with incredible missions. And with basic food for hobby zombies and leisure witches: Trick or treat!

Or there’s trick-or-treating. If you want, hunt4hint will also hide your favourite treats for you. Simply click when booking, book a thrill – and join forces for Halloween in the Escape Room Munich.

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Amaze your friends with an incredible experience.

31 October – hunt4hint is your House of Fear!

The start of the semester at the University of Munich, the last rays of sunlight fading, wafts of mist … Soon it will be winter. But before that, we’re going to really let it rip – and dress the house in spooky scenery. Watch a horror movie in a bat outfit? You can always do that later. Get off the couch, into the Halloween Escape Room Munich – and be there live instead of just an observer. Demons don’t exist? Let’s have a look …

1) Halloween in the Escape Room, what for?

This is what the hunt4hint team says:

    • Teambuilding with the company

    • Celebrate a birthday or stag party

    • Give goosebumps

    • Push adrenalin

2) hunt4hint team tip

Ghosts, werewolves, the undead and serial killers haunt Munich. Dressing up for Halloween in the Escape Room is a great way to get away from it all. It’s not a must, but a spooky outfit will whet your appetite for the action to come. The main thing is that you feel good in it!