Cinema, dinner, picnics – again? Boring… High time to redefine romance. Because this time everything is different. hunt4hint Escape Games swap bland date ideas for sizzling challenges with an addictive factor. An Escape Room for couples – and all those who want to be! Because attraction happens in the mind – and cleverness is really sexy

Are you the new dream team? First date in the Escape Room in Munich

The first date is coming up. But what if it doesn’t click? You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Do you want to shine cleverly? In the Escape Room Munich you have plenty of opportunity to do so, provided your date loves excitement and thrills just as much as you do. The chemistry is right and you’ll get to know each other better. And if you keep your distance after the mission, you still had a lot of fun! The surprise factor is definitely in your favour. Because it never gets boring with you. Escape games take the pressure off your first meeting – and spice it up with pure adrenaline.

What awaits you in the Escape Room for couples?

Alone at last! But before the time comes, your game master lets you in on the theme of your room. Then the door closes. Quite cosy … but now it’s time to find your way out again. Mysterious challenges await you on the way, which you can only overcome if you all work together. Find clues, solve tricky and tactile puzzles – and all that against the clock. If that’s not romantic! In the Escape Room for couples, magical little journeys take you into the world of fantasy, into times gone by and to enchanted places.

Escape games – games for lovers: The choice is yours!

Escape games for couples in Munich do without horror scenarios or classic combination locks. No puzzle is repeated, every challenge fits the adventure. At hunt4hint you go on your own personal journey: Sail the seas in a ghost ship, orbit, save the world from aliens, leaf through old diaries together or explore the realm of the senses as a couple? If you are ready, anything can happen. If you are completely lost, your game master will be happy to guide you out of the forest of perplexity with little tips.

Love is a strange game …

… says an old hit song. It’s true, because in the Escape Room for couples you’ll need skills that you would otherwise rarely need. But don’t worry: four eyes, four ears and four hands combine better than two, crack every puzzle and uncover every secret. Above all, one challenge reveals a lot about the other. Is the air on fire? Who’s on top form now under stress, who’s losing their nerve? Live Escape Games show that even long-time soulmates are still good for a surprise. He will impress you as Mister-Keep-Cool, when she amazes you with with unexpected creative ideas

Why you should try the Escape Room for couples:

  • get to know a new date better
  • together you are smart, strong & brave!
  • achieve goals together
  • get out of the daily routine, into the (love) adventure
  • a fresh kick for your relationship

Romance is what you like! Valentine’s Day in the Escape Room for couples

The usual Valentine’s Day kitsch, from champagne to bubble baths, doesn’t inspire romance. the air is gone? Enter the Escape Room for couples who want to fall in love again. Tingling challenges that you can try again in an intimate bar after passing the adventure. Surprise your lady (or jack) of hearts with a special gift? It doesn’t always have to be a candlelit dinner – and there are long stemmed roses afterwards.

Dare yourselves! Marriage proposal in the Escape Room in Munich

Falling on your knees in front of the Eiffel Tower, a red rose between your teeth? Nice idea, but copied a thousand times. In the Escape Room for couples, on the other hand, there is a very special of gold and diamonds is hidden in the Escape Room for couples. A marriage proposal in the Escape Room for Couples is the ideal opportunity to rehearse for the real thing, in case the world of hunt4hint Escape Rooms tell stories – and you two are part of it for an exclusive hour. We create a personal scenario – and capture the special moment for eternity.

How strong is your relationship? Wink …

Let’s see: Can your relationship withstand our Escape Room for couples in Munich? If the challenge is too strong, are you too weak? Don’t worry, we’re just kidding – but that’s exactly what it’s all about. Let’s go on an adventure, as a team, to combine for hell come out. At hunt4hint, we love stories with twists and turns – and vivid Escape Rooms to rooms that fill them with life

This is what awaits you at Escape Games in Munich:

  • A room for the two of you!
  • 60 exciting challenging minutes
  • thrills without combination locks
  • lots of hands-on puzzles
  • Hide prize(s)
  • Party locations nearby
  • gift vouchers
  • twice in Munich, Landsbergerstraße & Rotkreuzplatz
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Amaze your friends with an incredible experience.

Newly in love, committed relationship or in the mood for a crazy date night?

Escape games for couples keep your relationship on the boil, let it really crackle again. A relationship thriller of a different kind, where partners see each other with new eyes. And if you enjoy working hand in hand, you’ll take a bit of it with you into your everyday life! Dare it. But be warned: Escape Rooms at hunt4hint are addictive …